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Bailersa Port Services

Bailersa provides an extensive range of shipping agency related services throughout the Baltic States.
Collection of technical waste, garbage, hazardous substances
Rent and installation of ladders, fences, fenders
Delivery of equipment and supplies
Supply of drinking water


Our mission is based on our knowledge, experience and the desire to constantly improve, possessing modern technology and advanced technologies, we strive to create a generally available high-quality port service that fully meets the needs of shippers, shipowners and passengers.

Our goals are stable and long-term growth of business in the interests of shareholders, labor collective and for the benefit of the region of the company's activities. Prompt response to changes in the market situation in the transport industry, building relationships with port partners on the basis of openness and long-term mutually beneficial cooperation.


Pašto g. 38-1, Jakai, LT-96324 Klaipėdos r.


Email:         Phone: +37069820965